In need of some info about backup tools

hi, guys… i saw the “read first” sticky thread about Norton Ghost, so i decided to post here a questions that i have:

i was checking out a site that compares different softwares about different things and for now i have stopped to “Acronis True Image” , “norton ghost” and “PC Backup”. that is bacouse the three of them have the ability to back up whole harddrv images… i need a software that will make an image of a whole partition, and i mean “whole”, that is reg kyes, paths shortcuts, making the image like this, that when restored from it, the new system will be 1:1 to the real working system that it used to be. i need that image to be burned to dvds, i say DVDs becouse i have more then 5GB data to back up including OS, so i need something that will index my dvds, and make them act as parts of some archive, e.g. image.r01, image.r02, and so on depending on how big is the data on the given partition…they should be bootable, becouse if i screw up the whole drive, and i cannot get into windows…:), i would need the software to format the bad partition and autostart recover when i choose from bios “boot form CD”. i need also to be able to update the image sequence (r01, r02 etc.) at anytime, dependless if files will be removed or added, for example if i decide to install a new program and i need it to be on the image also including all its shortcuts, paths, sysfiles and regkeys, (all that is needed to be fuctional) but i dont want to have to remake the whole image again, just update it with the new info, which it will take a lot less i think, then remaking the whole image. and whenever needed to delete files …also without having to remake… well …that is basicly all i need :))) if none of the above three softwares can do that, then you can tell me, what is the closest one to that of what i want so i can go with it:)))

10x a lot

Acronis true image do all these things. It can do a complete image of entire partitions, and you can choose if save them on CD or DVD, doing all necessary splitting between media.

Moreover, each image can be compressed, so a 5 GB image can be stored in a couple of GB or so.

Acronis create also a boot cd that allow you to recover a crached system restoring an already burned backup

cool:), so are you saying that , if for example the given data is 20GB, it can be compressed to 10-15GB, this means that i will need like 4DVDs and every dvd will contain a part of the image… while the first dvd will be bootable and it will combine the other dvds into a whole image restoring ALL, as in .rar archives, uncompressing the first .rar will result in a chain reaction, uncompressing all archives r00, r01, r02 …? norton ghost doesnt do that??? becouse i read the thread about it here, and it seemed prety easy to work with, the ghost i mean…

No. Backups created by Acronis (for what I know) are not bootable. You need a separated CD to boot the computer. This CD, created by acronis itself, will run in your computer with all needed drivers to use your computer to restore the backup: you simply must start the compoter with the CD in the reader.

The backup is stored in proper discs, again created by acronis, that contain all parts of the backup. Acronis create these discs in the proper sequence, and will ask you to insert each disc when finish to read the previous one.

Acronis don’t create rar archives, but have a proprietary format.

Norton do the same things, but I have a better knowledge of acronis, so I can’t answer about ghost, sorry.

ok thanks alot geno888, i will trial arconis… if there is no troble for you, can i ask you questions in the future about it… ? like: how exactly does the bootable cd works, i create it, then i insert it, boot computer… after the CD does some tasks, it will ask me to put cd1 to the drive?

No problem :slight_smile:

After installed, acronis will ask you to create the boot disc (you can create the boot cd anytime, not necessarly after installation). The procedure is in the same way you described it.

The main interface is very user-friendy, but if you have questions, ask here: there will be always someone that will answer you :iagree:


I am using Drive Image 7 by Powerquest and it allows me to make a mirror image of my hard drive and save it to; in my case a couple of other drives. I do a full C: drive backup at least once a week. I save one image to a folder on my D: drive and also save it again to one of my USB 2.0 External Backup drives.

If and when your primary C: drive takes a dump, or you do something stupid, you can boot with the Drive Image 7 CD and restored your drive from one of the saved backups that you created. The restored drive image is exactly what was on the drive at the time you backed it up.

PowerQuest was bought out by Norton’s so that they could peddle their Ghost, which I have no use for. I have found 2 sites that still sell Drive Image 7. They are:

I have created a short guide for using Drive Image 7, it’s located at:

Drive Image 7 is the only software that I’ve ever run into that does just what it’s suppose to do.

Hope that helps.


10x Eric545, it is encouraging that drive image 7 is a PowerQuest product, but i have this concern, if drive image7 was stopped from production, how can i get upgrades…? it is likely that if i buy it, i will be stuck with it forever… :slight_smile:

You’d better stick to DI7 if you have it, since later versions are bloated out of recognition. On the other hand, you could use BootitNG, imaging&partitioning tool and boot manager in one. I’ve also seen Raxco First Defense, looks promising.


I am away from home at the moment. Won’t return until 14 May. When I get home I can e-mail you the update for Drive Image 7. Turns it into 7.03.

Send an e-mail to me at: so that I will know your e-mail address.

I fully expect to run Drive Image 7.03 for the forseeable future. If it won’t work with MS Windows Vista when it comes out, I may not upgrade to Vista. I feel that strong about being able to make perfect backups that work just like they are advertised to do. I know, because I have restored my system using Drive Image on more occasions than I like to remember.


this is it,
i am trying all the software that comes with trial before deciding which one to use… money is not a problem here, as this is not for personal use, i must choose one software for a person for whom money is not an issue… so DI7 doesnt come with big advantage before the other payable softwares… :slight_smile: and maybe i was looking for exactly a payable one so it would sound somewhat more serious to the person i am trying to choose for… he is far from understanding the digitworld, thats why it may sound to him kind’a fishy job that i am trying to use an open source software… i know it sounds redicolus :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Eric & Roise

it’s advisable [B]not[/B] to leave you email address out for all to see, you could now end up with lots of spam, if you want to share you email address, PM the person with it :flower: