In need of some CD&DVD catalog software



hello, i am in search of the best CD&DVD catalog tool or software that is out there, i am willing to pay money…, i was searching the web and found whole bounch of them, but i really don’t know which one to pick… i just need the best, most popular… in case no one has any idea what i am talking about… i need software thet will autoscan DVDs and remember automaticaly the content of the DVD by filenames, dates, sizes of files, and stuff like this, (and content of file if posible)

lots of thanks in advance


I use CD Catalog Expertand found it to work well and do what I need it for. I think you can try it for a few weeks before you have buy it to keep using it.


thanks coathii, i think this is the best choise also


Visual CD is also a very good free option, which I use myself (it was recommended to me by another CDF member).



Thanks [B] Arachne [/B] it looks like a good program and will be helpful for a lot of people looking for a free program.

#6 has some good catalog software as well.