In need of a long-lasting heavy-use DVD burner

First off… yes, I am a “newb.”

I see a lot of forums and threads referring to “Best burners,” but it generally seems as though they are referring to speed and quality. My specific need is for a drive that will burn a lot of discs and will last a respectable amount of time.

I work in a hospital. Medical records are burned to disc upon request and forwarded to other hospitals. Speed and quality are not the main concern. We burn between 10 - 20 discs a day and have gone though 2 burners in 18 months. We currently burn CD’s but are moving towards DVD’s so advice on either would be helpful. Cost is really not a factor either as long as it will last.

Can anyone recommend a burner that can handle this workload continually? I see a lot of talk about the Pioneer 112 and 212’s but no mention as to their ability to withstand the test of time? Is there something specifically that I should be looking for?

I appreciate any help that anyone can offer me.

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LG are good robust burners IMO. I’ve only just retired the very first LG burner I got (a real workhorse, and it still works both for CD and DVD).

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DVD burners are not built to last these days. If you should find a burner that can burn 5,000 - 10,000 discs before dying, then it’s probably due to sheer luck.

I think you should aim for something else: Find a good type of drive and then buy a drive for burning and some extra drives as spares.

Robust is a very good adjective for LG’s burners. :slight_smile: They tend to hold up well in large workload environments and get on well with most other computer hardware. My Pioneer 111Ds have also been workhorses, but they can be fussy on occasion and more sensitive to different hardware setups. Too early for me to tell with the 112D, but there have been several posts concerning the loss of CD-burning functionality.

Whatever you buy, you might make a point to purchase more than one.

Benq 1640/165x are/were very good but I don’t think you can find any these days :frowning:

My 1640 has been burning , scanning and ripping for over 18 months and it is still going strong :slight_smile:

Unfortunately , newer drives tend to use plastic and other low quality materials instead of high quality and heavy duty materials to cut costs :frowning:

Since you can afford the cost of a Plextor, the answer is simple.
Buy two Pioneers. :wink:

I would tend to agree with the idea that LG’s are workhorses. I have an ancient LG CD-ROM I abused for 8 years playing my favorite CD-ROM game. That sucker is still in my current computer! I don’t use it much these days, but it’s there when I need it. (I just leave a game in it all the time). The model, since I’m sure you’re wondering, is the CRD-8322B. For what it’s worth…

Couldn’t agree more. I’d vote for an LG or Pioneer as well.

NEC 3500AG…almost to the 3000 milestone without a coaster, last saaw it on new egg for steep price…but its been a workhorse for me