In need for your help for an external DVD Writer!

Heya guys,
I’m in the market for an external DVD writer for my laptop as of late, the reason being is that my internal DVD writer (HL-DT-ST GT31N) consistently performs unsatisfactorily for my needs - mostly backing up my videogame CD’s/DVD’s. Even while using high quality Verbatim MCC03RG20 and MCC004, i can’t get rid of music/FMV skipping, I tried different speeds and medias other than verbs, but it’s still there. I figure it’s the writer, but as it can’t scan my burns, I can’t really say.

As such, I need a new writer, and it needs to be…
*friendly to all high quality media and make excellent burns out of it
*able to perform reliable scans
*not be too expensive (but I’d be willing to pay a premium for something really good)
*able to booktype as DVD-ROM
*anything else that you consider useful

Size doesn’t matter.

I will leave the writer recommendations to other members. It seems you main goal is music & I have seen Plextor & Optiarc drives of various models recommended.
I have a lite-on that I’m satisfied with but some say those don’t do the best Audio .
What I mainly posted for is to recommend you get a good external enclosure & put the drive you want to use in it. This will give you a greater selection on the drives . As long as you get the drive & match the case to it. Some people prefer the NEC chipset for these. I also like am aluminum one with its own fan & power supply.
One other note from what I’ve read it is better to read the media into the internal hard drive on the laptop & write to the external drive from there. Basically you should not read from one external source & write to another external destination at the same time.
I hope this helps.

Actually, I’m copying game rips from the HDD to a CD/DVD, so external to external is not what I’ve been doing. To be honest, my main goal is games backup, but yeah, that does involve some FMV’s and music, so I’ll check out both the enclosures (a kit to make an internal drive to work externally, right?) and the Plextor/Optiarc drives. Thanks so far.

[QUOTE=xenvgc;2578902] so I’ll check out both the enclosures (a kit to make an internal drive to work externally, right?) [/QUOTE]
Actually one type enclosure but yes the enclosure is a case that holds an internal drive. That way you are not stuck with a selection of drive that some manufacturer has already put in an enclosure of their own.
You do need to select the type drive & match the case to it. A sata case for a sata drive or an ide case for an ide drive.
This is just an example not a recomendation of this specific one.
It might be a good one for an ide drive.