In Need for A new Burner

Guys im having alot of trouble with my benQ 1640 im using Verbatim discs(mc004)dvd+r 16x
I tested all the firmware but the thing gives me alot of bad burns so i dicided to look for a way better burner which wil burn my verbatim real good,and it would be cool if it gives good burn with cheaper media…

What wil be the best burner for me?
And why?

Thks alot

Hmm,i realy can use some help here,

I want a high Quality burner,which can do all the nero scan options and which is compatible with cheap media +R

Thks again

Does anyone read anymore? :rolleyes:
You do realise you have a lot of information to answer your own question if you would just read? :eek:
Now I know why a Mods has what he has in he’s signature. :eek:

LOL, Lifesaver2 :bigsmile: - good point!


The only drive I have experience of that is good at all those things, and is very forgiving with cheaper media (although why, with the prices of decent TY/MCC media, anyone would choose to buy cheap media is beyond me…) is the LiteOn 1693. Good luck finding one, though.