In Japan for another week, should I replace my current LG GGW-H20L

Well I went to the electronics stores here in Akihabara, Tokyo and it was like stepping into a Frys Electronics store, but even better… Anyway, is it worth to replacement my current LG GGW-H20L with something over here? The only internal SATA drives I’ve seen so far are made by Buffao. What do you guys think?

Well you should be able to find Pioneer BDR-S03J (retail) or BDR-203 (Bulk), Buffalo (are rebagded drives though ) and Panasonic drives.

I’m assuming that this will work when I bring it back? I’m from the States. I just don’t want to buy something where I can’t flash the firmware afterwards.

In that case i wouldnt buy the buffalo ones because they have some own modified firmware.
As for the pioneer drives i think it should be ok to find firmware for the BDR-203 outside of JP