In general whats faster DVD-R or DVD+R



Hello, i was just wandering which DVD disk format was Faster the -R or the +R version. I just bought and NEC 3500A, with the 2.17 firmware update - from NEC’s site, and bought Riteks 8X DVD-R media (got them from newegg, and they burn at 8x). I also bought a single Maxell DVD+R 4X disk to try out, but this burned at 8X. I used Nero 6 ultra.
so does that mean +R is faster? or that name brands are better? or is it all the same but just depends on firmware, software?


The +/- has nothing to do with the burn speed itself. The quality of the media.(blank disk) and the capabilities of the drive (nec3500a is a great drive) are what sets the speed…:slight_smile:


Okay i see, thanks alot man. take it easy!


HAAAAAA! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: that’s the same thing I just did…Nero and all except I went with a TDK and a Maxell 4x just to try out, lol. They both worked great and just yesterday my GF was trying to figure out how and what to use to backup Bourne Supremacy (pos movie :bigsmile: ) and after a couple hrs. of trying I made a successful copy with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, thanks to the people here that pointed me to DVD Shrink. And for what I found out and read that movie is a pain to successfully copy but with the TDK 4x DVD-R (thank you BigMike7 for the advice on -R) it burned just perfect and it runs on my pc, xbox and a Pioneer DVD player. :bigsmile:

Heheh, I also got to thank the people that recommended the NEC3500A :bow: . For a DVD retard like me to burn one first try it’s a good accomplishment.

BTW, I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that question. I’ve been trying to find it reading all I could on it and it’s always the same answer… :bigsmile: “well if the moon is at 45d when the sun…blah blah and if your dog wags his tail to the left at said time then -R is better…otherwise +R is what you need”. LOL :bigsmile:


HAHAHAHA thats hilarious. yup :iagree: