In General How to Make a CD

i don’t understand ANY of this stuff… i am trying to figure out how to make a CD from bin and cue files… if this makes ANY sence… please tell me what i should be doing and if you wish to help me faster… (then I/M me on AIM on SJC blindeye…) or (on yahoo on lyterality11…)

thank you for your time…


If you use Nero, Recorder -> Burn Image -> Select .cue file.

I don’t know off the top of my head if ImgBurn supports bin/cue, but it’s free and it won’t hurt to find out!

i am using alcohol 120% i was told it was good

Yep, that’s a good one too. And it has a nice, convenient “Image Burning Wizard”. If using that has you stumped, I’m not sure how else I can help you. Doesn’t really get easier.

Picking a file and then hitting “burn” is a little too complex for you?

Then it’s hard to say where to start. :frowning:

Why don’t you tell us what steps you’ve already taken?

As a side note infuture do not give out you IM names on any public forum, it is not safe to do so.

Other than that I have to go with gurms’ last question.

it’s fine i don’t really mind giving it out but thanks for the conceren i understand why you would say such a thing thow (thank you)

okay so heres the thing… i have a game sent to me by a friend and it workd PERFECTLY fine on his comp… and when i put it on my comp… it didin’t work… so i thought that if i made a CD of the game that it would work but i don’t know what to use either the bin files or the cues…

now there is 3 cues and 3 bins…

:BINS: I extracted the bin files with the program ALZIP and put each bin file into a folder (the same folder for each called AOE3) then i clicked the setup and it started to install… then it asked me for the key code… so i put it the numbers… then it finished installing and asked for a restart… so i did so… then i put the crack into the folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III) which is where that game went after instalation… then i ran the game and it worked perfectly fine untill a certain part where you have to click this flag which brings you to your home town and then it closes the game and asks me if i want to send the error report or not…

^^^is this because i need a CD for it or no???..

:CUES: I don’t know what to do with them… do i have to put ALL of them on 1 single CD or each different cue file on a different CD??? and are the CUES then ONLY THING i need to burn then game onto a CD???

^^^ if true then if i brought the CD to my friends house could i install it on his comp…???

thank you for your help and sorry if i sound stupid… lol (this is the first time i have EVER even tried this lol)

(3cues and three bins… they are both named the same thing… as in there is a cue for every bin like… (a.cue / a.bin), (b.cue / b.bin), (c.cue / c.bin))

hope this help with the answer… thank you

you should probably read the forum rules before posting garbage like this.

to alleviate all problems you’re having, BUY your own copy of the game.

if you read the WHOLE thing you would see what i am talking about… lol my friend game me the game threw aim… i don’t know how to get games like that lol i asked if there was any way that i could play the game too and he sent it to me… sorry man i am only asking a question man…

but yes i understand what you are saying and i am sorry if no one wishes to help… then thas cool i understand thanks for your time…


i see exactly what you’re talking about…and as per the forum rules, it isn’t allowed anywhere on cdfreaks. sorry.