In-game recording software wanted



Hey all,
I am looking for some software to record some events in World of Warcraft. I have tryed Fraps but for some reason it doesnt like my rig… errrors, not running, crashing ect. Does anyone know of any other software (idealy free) that does the same job?




dunno if this will do it for you, I just found it a little more info it’s not free but has a trial period. I was going to suggest fraps it works fine here what are the errors you get?

#3 - Free, though I have trouble getting a decent frame rate on a 3.2GHz P4 - best so far was with the Alparysoft codec - set to lossless, realtime presdiction, YV12.

Camstudio also temds to bug slightly on codec change, so make a quick test before the “take” to ensure that it will engage - sometimes the setting needs to be re-applied before it will record.

#4 this has a free demo 2.7.4 you can try. you only get 30 sec at 29 fps to rec on the demo.


[B]Hi, im looking for a good game recroding program for SA-MP. If anyone knows any programs that record SA-MP plz tell me. plz reply…[/B]


well i am trying out many kinds of recording software that can record games like counter strike,bfh and warrock so far the free versions that work the best are:
the demo version of fraps will only help for screen shots but yeah…
hyper cam (have not tested) will only work on windows 7 ,vista and windows 2000