In CloneDVD2 I get "source data too large"



Ok I’m new to this chat board thing. But at the same time so were you … I have been using clonedvd2 for about 21 day and just last night bought it. I now will not burn a dvd. Everytime I try it say source data too large. And I’ve dvd shrink3.2 the movie as I have in the past, and the movies is now less the 4.5. What could this be?
I’ve been working for the Postal Service for 2o years and ride my Harley alot. So I guess I’m not to bright at these things. So my wife says…
If anyone could help please post to the dog…


“source data too large” is a geeky way of saying that you need to clear up some hard drive space.

How much free space do you have on your hard drive?


Tell us how you go about in creating the DVD. Did you set CloneDVD to use DVD-5? Are you using Shrink to decrypt the DVD?

I would suggest that you use DVD Decrypter (free) to decrypt the whole movie and copy it to your hard drive. When done, instruct CloneDVD to work from the VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive created by DVD Decrypter. Set CloneDVD to write to a DVD-5 disc.

An even better solution is to use AnyDVD with CloneDVD. Download both at the webpage. Launch AnyDVD. Then CloneDVD. Instruct CloneDVD to use the VIDEO_TS folder on the source DVD.


Go here to get DVD Decrypter.


Hey Bigdog…

When’s the last time you defraged? If it’s been a while, try it, you might like it.