In clonecd log what is avg speed for burn at 48x

Burner: 48125W after o/c…

I just burned Spiderman backup…disc 2…647mg it burned in about 2min 30sec…use 48x…with Philips 40x cdr…clonecd log reports avg burn speed of 31x…

what are you all getting…I know this is a clonecd question but this a liteon writer question

31X is pretty normal since you have to count lead out, lead-in and Power calibration which makes the average writespeed lower than the one reported in Nero CD-Speed.

OC-Freak…has anyone else reported problems using nero cd speed with VIA 3.14 miniport drivers…

I can not get Info tool 1.01 or Nero CD speed to work…infotool still reports no MT. Rainier

also what burn times should we expect with 48x writing for 650 and 700

I have seen 2 min 45secish with 700 mg at 48x by someone else on the forum

With the Vs02 firmware I got a time of 2:27 with Vs04, I got 2:41 with MOHAA. I may just go back to Vs02.