IN-CD CDRW data loss

I have had a problem recently with my CR-RW’s. I have an AOpen drive running under IN-CD. I checked out the CDRW using Windows 98 ‘My Computer’ & it showed that about 1/2 the drive was in use but no files/directories when I clicked on it. I had been using the disk as a backup for some of my more important files. I find this worrying - has anyone else had similar problems?

Packet writing programs are well known for this type of behavior.

Frequently, there is nothing wrong except that the complicated method of accessing the data through the operating system sometimes balks for unknown reasons.

Remove the CD-RW, reboot the computer and insert the CD-RW disk to see if the files are visible. If not, cycle the tray open and closed to see if it helps. Different experiments of this type may yield success. Be sure to allow enough time for the reading access to take place.

I have two identical burners on my system. Sometimes one burner will refuse to read a packet written disk but it will be readable in the other (and vice versa). Once the readability is established, both drives will read it. Go figure. :confused:

This type of behavior does not instill a lot of confidence in packet writing in general. Although I haven’t lost any information, not everyone has two burners available for cross checking.

You could also try reading the disk in another computer.

If all fails, let us know and we may suggest some recovery options if the inaccessible information is valuable.