In-car players for DVD movies makes for a dangerous ride

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I don’t know how many times I have been on the streets in my gas guzzling SUV, setting at a 4-way stop sign, only to see a motorist in some sort of trance, blow through the…

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Not only are in-car DVD players distracting to the driver, but it’s also distracting to OTHER drivers. I’ve found myself watching what they’re watching. That’s not good.

In many states, especially New York, it is illegal to play video (TV, Movie) in the drivers immediate view… That applies to any device that is operating in the front passenger side of the vehicle… We also have a cell phone ban, which applies to any phone, including Nextel’s push-to-talk phones which act like walky-talkies… People are under the misconception that because they dont have the phone to their ears, they are allowed to use such a device while driving… The fact is, since you need to push the PTT button whenever you need to talk, you are in essence holding the device… The law only allows for hands-free devices to be used…

Unfortunately in my state Colorado, they don’t have the courage to enact such a law. Too bad, as it could save many from serious injury when people talk on cellphones. Oddly, they have no problem giving tickets for not wearing a seat belt. So it is OK to hurt others in my state, just not yourself LOL. They even tried to pass a law that if you were under 18, you could not talk on a cell and drive at the same time! It shows they know there is a problem, but, lobbyists have held down the lawmakers in my state from doing the right thing. I guess. It sure isn’t logical. Plus, we dont HAVE to drive and talk on a phone, this is a recent invention. We did fine without it for many decades.
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I wish they would make dvd-audio decks for cars. I’d love to have 4.3 gigs of space to mess with. It’d be really cool if you could burn cd audio onto a dvd, giving you hours and hours of room. You could fit entire live concerts without lowering quality or needing to swap discs. i know this is about the dvd player with a screen in a car, but I have no need for the screen, but I’d love a dvd audio player in the car, one that’s programmed to be able to read cd-audio of a dvd, as well as play dvd-audio and superaudio cds

They already have DVD audio decks for cars…don’t you get the Crutchfield catalog? As car audio DIY-ers know, it’s not difficult to bypass DVD player setups so that the player will still play in view of a driver when the car is in motion. Don’t know of a way this can be fixed, but it’s a real issue. I also agree on a mandatory “hands-free” law for cell phones while driving. It isn’t perfect (some people will be distracted no matter what by a conversation) but I have a BT headset myself and it makes all the difference in the world for me, for the short conversations I hold while in the car. Both hands stay on the wheel, which is how I like it. Bigger deal yet for stick-shift drivers.

i live in syracuse ny and i got pulled over by the police and got a ticket for my tv which was on gps mode. the sad thing is that police can ride around wit whole computers in they car and nobody says nothing. its all a shame. never move to new york state.