In-Car digital audio system for MP3 and WMA music

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MP3 is still becoming more and more populair, it is probably just a matter of time till MP3 players are a standard. You are now already able to buy Hifi sets with MP3 player capabalities and what…

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Aldi in belgium: portable cdplayer 4 mp3’s !!! less then 4000 bef, 200Nlg, < 100 € but that was a week ago, i could be wrong about the price though

Small reaction on this topic. The aldi cd/mp3 player was for sale at the price of 3.695 bfr or 91.62 Euro. You can only put 1 cd in and the shock resistance is only good on mp3’s. The cassette system for playing the portable cd-player in your car sucks! :r You must put up your volume way to high if you want to listen to it properly. :c For the rest it’s a nice player for less money. Greetings, Duivelke :d

I myself wanted to buy a MP3 player for in my car within a month. This system is very SWEET but to expesive I think! :frowning: I’m gonna buy a normal CD/reciever in my car with MP3 function. This way I can burn CDR’s containing for like 10 complete albums of (MP3)music which is enough! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kenwood already has 2 models of CAR MP3/CD players ! (for more than a year already) Got one myself - costs about 400euro and plays audio CD’s, MP3 CDROMS AND MP3 CD/RW !!! It can read 8 directories deep and 254 mp3’s per directory… Check out kenwoods website…

how about this ! IFA, Berlin, 25 August 2001 Pioneer Unveils New CD Car Stereo With 10GB Hard Disc Drive & Copyright Protection System Capable of Storing 150 Hours of Music IFA, Berlin, 25 August 2001 – Pioneer Europe NV today unveils a new car stereo - the DEH-P900HDD which in addition to a CD player, AM/FM and 4x50 watt MOSFET amplifier includes a 10GB hard disc drive that can store up to 150 hours of digital recordings. The system also includes a “MagicGate Memory Stick” slot. The CD-Player is compatible with MP3 CD-ROMs and offers the ability to control a digital radio tuner to ensure compatibility with popular current digital audio formats. The hard disc is pre-installed with the vast Gracenote CDDB® database of CD titles and the Gracenote CDDB® Music Recognition Service is used to automatically add artist names and disc titles as audio CDs are backed up onto the hard disc. Files can be organised into play lists and selected at the touch of a button. “This product delivers against Pioneer’s objective of improving entertainment products and enhancing consumers’ lifestyles through the application of digital technology. Essentially, we have built a high quality car stereo system and added the ability for consumers to create their own travelling juke box,” comments Ronan Mc Donagh, car audio product planning manager, Pioneer Europe. Digital technology presents the opportunity to bridge IT and consumer electronics applications and the inclusion of a “MagicGate Memory Stick” slot allows consumers to easily download music from the PC and playback it by the DEH-P900HDD. Music can also be transferred from the DEH-P900HDD’s hard disc to the Memory Stick to be played on a compatible portable player or PC. At all times the copyright protection of the original music is maintained. The DEH-P900HDD employs a copyright protection system that conforms to SDMI. In addition it also uses “MagicGate” encryption and authorisation technology which prohibits unauthorised copying. The application of “MagicGate” and SDMI systems ensures that consumers can enjoy music without having to worry about copyright issues. The P900HDD ensures that music can be transferred in a copyright protected environment - with no deterioration in the high quality of the original digital music source. The product represents an important step in the creation of a market for electronically distributed music Selecting tracks and programming play lists is made simple by an intuitive operating system, with music files automatically archived according to artist, title and various other recording parameters. In addition, users have the option of creating custom playlists. All information is clearly illustrated by Pioneer’s Organic EL display, which is extremely bright and has high resolution and wide viewing angles. Safety is further enhanced through the use of Pioneer’s convenient steering remote control, which allows the user to control the system without taking a hand off the steering wheel. As well as the hard disc drive and memory stick slot, the product includes a very powerful audio processor. Features include: a… An auto-equaliser system that automatically adjusts to compensate for the car’s acoustics b… An auto sound leveliser (ASL), that in turn adjusts the equaliser and volume level to compensate for road and wind noise c… A 13-band graphic equaliser that allows the user to fine tune the equalisation according to personal taste The DEH-P900HDD has 3 pre-outs, for connecting external amplifiers, an on-board digital network and a time alignment feature for optimal system set-up. The product is also compatible with Pioneer’s innovative PC-link kit. The PC-link kit can be used to program the OEL display, allowing the user to download movies or still images onto the product. The PC-link kit will be available at selected Pioneer dealers.

I thought Harddisks were prone to shock ? Well, are these reliable ? Take for example, a laptop that is turned on and dropping it fairly hard onto a table will damage the harddisk - get lots of bad sectors.


ive used one of the hard drive type mp3 players now for about a year, and i havent had any problems with shock messing up the hard drive at all. i have a toyota supra and it has a very rigid suspension and you feel every bump in the road, and the roads here are not so great. so i dont think the problem of shock is a problem unless you have the unit in an SUV and you like to go offroad alot. go check out this site this is where i got mine. i think its the best one out on the market at this time, and the price is not too bad either. RJ

With all the CDR(W) burners being sold, why are they so slow to making CD Players that also play MP3’s off the CD? I know some companys make portable CD/MP3 players, but really, it would be a lot cheaper then adding a harddrive to the car stereo.