In Car CD


Got a disc with an audio book on it. 23 MP3 files each about 11.9MB

Won’t play in the car player so i suspect my car player is not MP3 compatible.

Anyway I can convert these files in a compact form on to a CD/CD’s that will play in the car. Don’t really want to burn 23 seperate CD’s!

Hi BallaterBoy, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

You can use a burning application capable of burning Audio CDs from mp3 files, such as Nero or Roxio, or the simple and free Burrrn.

You will probably need 4-5 CDs to burn all those mp3 as Audio CDs, depending on the bitrate of those mp3 files.

Hi Dragemester
Yeah, on Nero 11.9MB MP3 becomes 458MB on an audio cd. How do you fit 4 or 5 on. This way I’ll have to burn 23 cd’s

I guess your audio books are low bitrate mp3 files. You can only fit approx. 80 minutes on an Audio CD, so unless your car CD player supports mp3 files, there’s no way around converting from compressed mp3 to uncompressed CD-DA (CD Digital Audio).

Thanks anyway. Cheers

you may want to consider an inexpensive portable mp3 player that you can plug into your car stereo just for audio book purposes. your standard 512MB models have come way down in price recently and in the long run would probably be cheaper than purchasing the blanks and wasting your time burning the cds

a portable cd player with mp3 capabilities with a car daapter is also a decent alternative.