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PC maker speaks out against IBM hard disk

IBM’s hard disks are coming under close scrutiny after end users questioned the reliability of the 60GXP.
Comments posted on online news groups have…

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I wonder if this is true? My 30GB IBM 7200rpm makes at-least 5 or 6 nasty head clicking noises when ever I boot the PC - not sure if this is normal. Anyway, I think I prefer Quantum from now on. The performance may be slightly slower, but from having 3 ancient Quantums - they are still working fine!

I think IBM is a great manufacturor. I own 2 40GB(7200) drives, they work like a charm. I also own a 20GB(5400) which broke down after 2.5 years of hard work :d I sent it back to IBM, and received a new 24GB drive. Even though, I have to agree, Quantum is a great manufacturor, I own a 3GB drive, and it’s undestructable (fell 4 times, and has 0 bad clusters), same goes also for a 2GB Western Digital. IBM makes large drives, and their warranty is great, so why complain?? Everyone will get a broken drive one once in a while, IBM, Quantum, Maxtor…

Seem to remember reading IBM had problems with a factory somewhere in europe. Might have something to do with this. And Quantum isn’t anymore as Maxtor bought it. Though they will keep the quantum eterprise line going.

I’ve only ever owned 5 HDD’s that i can remember (brand/model). Firstly was a Quantum 3.2Gb, i bought it in Australia, and about a month b4 it’s warranty ran out, it fell over, and i got it replaced (now in the UK, via Quantum Ireland). Then I had a Fujitsu 6.4Gb, both that and the Quantum are still riding strong in my dad’s PC!! However I now own an IBM 30Gb and a Maxtor 40Gb, both perform around the same, however after coming back from a LAN ages ago, my IBM had derailed, yes it was replaced, but no i didnt get any data back, which is why warranties mean less on HDD’s than anything else. And for someone who likes to dabble in video editing, keeping the highest quality i can hold, a CDr just dont hold the data to make it viable. I;ve got a mate who works at a large tech firm in the UK, he’s been there now as a techie for about 3 months, and hes said they use all sorts of drives, and in his time ALL drive failures have been IBM, no other brands, and there have been a slightly disconcerting amount of such… My next is gonna be a Maxtor 60Gb, however hopefully DVD-R will htfu and i can stop buying Hard Drives which i can foresee myself doing for a while to come atm. :confused:

I have had problems with a 45 Gb IBM 75gxp. It is only 6 monts old and I’m going to have it replaced for free, but I’m thinking to ask for a Seagate barracuda 4 instead.