In 2nd vote, House delays DTV transition

I just posted the article In 2nd vote, House delays DTV transition.

The digital television transition originally scheduled to take place in a couple of weeks on Feb. 17 has officially been delayed until June 12.

The House voted for a second time on Wednesday and…

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Wow, congress is dumber than what I thought. Now all the TV stations have to do is give a proverbial middle finger to congress and switch to digital anyways and turn off the analog signal. People don’t miss what they have already.

I hope Americans realize that these idiots are going to bankrupt our country. The dollar is just waiting to take a nose dive because these morons think printing more money is the solution. This is the calm before the storm. You think it is bad now, just wait. If you think they could pay back all of this debt, you are living in Never Never Land.

Watching TV is nice convience we have, but why should our taxes be used to buy coupons for a converter box? I just don’t understand the ‘thinking’ behind our elected officials. I would like to have an ATV because a lot of people have them; therefore, the government should help me buy one!!! Duh!!!

They aren’t (weren’t suppose to use taxes) for the converter boxes. They’re using (supposed to use) the money the FCC made form auction off the spectrum that analog over the air channels currently use. They made alot of money auction off that spectrum. The amount that is going into to converter boxes is a small portion. Not directly paid by the taxpayer, but goes to those who were most affected by the spectrum auction.

Who uses over the air and needs rabbit ears nowday on cdfreaks? I figured most have satellite or cable and if not just watches movies.

I do. Cable and Satellite is getting ridiculously expensive. I don’t miss it at all and I still get my shows off the net that I watched on cable. By the way, my local channels look so much better than when I had cable. Not all cable channels are digital and the local channels I got with cable looked horrible to what I have now with a antenna mounted on top of my roof.

I am on FTA satelite, and been on it for years.Small updated bins once in a while other than that np at all, all channels open.
If they made a $50 package/ month then most people would not bother with hacking their FTA receivers but greed will get you in the end case and point US and world wide corruption of the markets

All the markets are fake!!! no one has 50 billion in wealth. All these billions are just numbers because there is not enough paper money ,hard currency even gold to justify the markets value!!! Inflated numbers are the reason why we are in this mess. The mortgage Hedge Fund Scandal of the moronic Bush era is what led to this nightmare. Did you know that there was massive shortselling going on for the last 5 years to bring down the trading firms??? one firm would go down then another firm would be targeted!!! This was all a scam to bring us under control again, by making a massive virtual debt they have the world’s citizen at ransom right now for the next 20 years!!
Rant it but dont be a jackass and open your eyes:bigsmile:

And insult to injury : Governments laws are for banks to have only at the most 7% in real currency paper or coins!!! then wtf is the 93% value from ??? Thats right trading virtual money!!!

Wake up fools!!!

If Billy Goats went into any damn bank in the US and wanted his 40 billion in Cash what bank would have that?? that’s right they only have 7% on hand in all their distros!!

hi. i would like to agree with the comments you made. many elderly people in my local area can not pay for cable. they use rabbit ears for there tv reception.