IMtoo dvd to iphone converter

Hey ya’ll, im new. Question. I used the IMtoo DVD to Iphone converter software that i purchased, my question is: i rippied the DVD from the drive to the proper format (mpeg-4) but it wont let me dragit to my phone after its done. is this an encryption problem?? i haver been able to do other movies without a problem, The movie in question is a new release , and ran it through AnyDVD by Slysoft…Any ideas, thanks so much, Pete:confused:

I personally use Xilisoft Video Converter for all my movies that I put on my iPod and iPhone. I am not familiar with the software you used but can you right click the file and look at the properties and make sure that the out put was MP4? If it was just a rip and not converted to MP4 or MPEG4 it will not transfer over. Also in iTunes look in the movies tab and see that it is in there and that the box is checked to be able to sync it. Hope this helps.