imTOO DVD Ripper Issues

Hey guys. I’m new to this forum, so sorry if I messed up any of the locations or descriptions. I’m also not the BEST with computers, but I know enough to do what I need to do.

My brother, who is VERY good with computers, recommended imTOO DVD Ripper. So I downloaded it, and followed his instructions, which were to find the biggest file with the most amount of time, and rip it, because that is the actual movie. So I did that, and used Across the Universe as my first movie.

I found the 1.10 GB file which was 2 hours and 13 minutes long, and hit rip. Within 5 minutes it was finished, and so I clicked the finished product- only to find a 37.3 MB file at 5 minutes long.

So then he said I needed to get DVD43. But when I did, it said it wasn’t compatible with a 64-bit system or something like that, because it is a 32-bit… so someone else recommended DVD Fab 6. Downloaded it, then tried all over again… and the 1.10 GB file is still ripped to 37.3 MB and 5 minutes long.

Can someone PLEASE tell me what I need to do or what I’m doing wrong?

what is the name of the movie you are trying to copy

[QUOTE=Jimbo;2460269]what is the name of the movie you are trying to copy[/QUOTE]

Across the Universe. Its about the societal revolutions in the 60s, set to the Beatles music.

I see that you d/l dvdfab6 in that program go to setting and disable path player and then give it a try

Thanks for all your help. I ended up figuring it out.