Imtoo DVD creator problem



Hey all first post so hi :smiley:
I recently downloaded, installed, registered Imtoo dvd creator to create playable dvds from some mpegs I have. I do everything as per the tutorial on the imtoo website but when I load the dvd into the dvd player it says no disc.
I know the dvd player reads burned cd’s and dvd’s and I’ve tried both Pal and Ntsc formats. ALso when I try to play the final dvd with windows media player, media player just shuts down abruptly.

If you can help me out here i’d be greatly appreciative. If you need anymore info please post here.


try to re-install the program again, then i recommend u choose the low quality, and select a lower burner speed, such as 8X, 4X.


Ok I tried what you said. Reinstalled, used dvd-rw, burned at 4x speed on lowest quality. Now when I put the dvd in the dvd player the player completely freezes up, I cannot even power it off unless I unplug it. Also all of my media players on my computer (eg. wmp) still crash when I try to play the dvd on my computer.
Any ideas?
Also if I select " No Menu " will it effect the dvd playback?


have u tried the DVD+RW?
you asked that ‘‘Also if I select " No Menu " will it effect the dvd playback?’’ this will not effect the dvd playback, you can have a try whether this works or not
Additonally, try this: click ‘‘Tools’’–>’‘Properties’’–>uncheck “Auto Add Chapter” option in the ‘Video Default Setting’ area