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DVD Copy Express is a software which allows you to backup your CSS encypted movies, quickly and easily.

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$35 for a dvd copy program that only copies CSS protected titles? hehehehehe, hilarious. So what do we do for all of the DVD’s released in the past 3 years? Okay, this is for someone who wants to copy classic movies, like Gone with the wind. There we go.


Glad to see this software get a review. That way when the ImTOO spammers hit the forums trying to trick users into buying this useless software, I can direct them to read your review and recommend something that does a better job (i.e. AnyDVD, DVDFab, or RipIt4Me). Some products are free and others are worth the investment. No thanks ImTOO! :r


I bought this, totally u/s …and their customer service is straight off the computer screen :frowning:


This is a full-scale review, I have visited their home page and found that imtoo copy express is a new product. So I expect the next vertion, like imtoo dvd creator


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tanke you for thes programe