ImToo DVD Audio Ripper - aspiinst.exe has stopped working

Hey there!

I’ve got a problem when I try to install DVD Audio Ripper on Windows Vista Premium 64bit.
The entire installation seems to work, but when it reaches the point where it tries to install the aspi drivers it fails and windows gives me the message aspiinst.exe has stopped running.

I think this is the reason for it not ripping audio from my dvd’s. When I try to record, DVD Audio Ripper hangs and it has to be shut down. It worked before on my computer, but after reinstalling windows it is no longer working. I want to create .wav files out of my dvd’s, I think i did it all correct but for some reason the support in vista for dvd audio ripper isn’t like how it should be…I seem to be the only one with the problem? :sad:

greetings, and please help me!


Sorry to bump but I have the exact same problem. Anyone find a solution?

i found a solution. download the win32.dll file from and put this file in C:\adaptec
after the file is there, any program that asks you to install ASPI will succeed :wink: