Improving reading with 3500?

Is there anything i can do to improve the reading ability of my NEC 3500?

I am using firmware version 2.17 from NEC
Microsoft IDE drivers and not Nforce (i have a Nforce2 mobo)
Burning most things with nero.

Most things read fine but i get the odd disk that isn’t happy, the last one that failed was also unscrathed and in perfect nick (dvd-r)

Thanks for any help!

I have terrible read speeds when ripping a disc, or even pulling large files from a disc. However, Nero CD-DVD Speed seems to have no problem going from ~6X to ~16X with an average of ~12X on most of these discs. Unless the drive is wildly inefficient which somehow makes DMA transfer slower than the drive’s actual reading capability, I would hypothesize there is something else at work other than the typical riplock that has been defeated in drives past.

PS - I usually do about 4-6X when ripping a SL DVD.

Thanks for your reply lubs, i should of phrased it better. I mean that my NEC will Not read some disks at all, even if they have small light scratches.

Owning a shuttle with one drive bay this is a big problem, i’m seriously thinking of selling the NEC and getting a pioneer :frowning:

Edit: Are you sure you aren’t using the Nvidia IDE drivers?
Sometimes they do not “want” to go away. :stuck_out_tongue:


Strongly suggest that you get a DVD rom drive to do your reading and ripping-

Aopen 1648/aap, Sony 1613 or 1621 or LiteOn 166s or 167s - all can be had for $25-$30 US plus shipping - which I think is a reasonable solution to your problem - plus you don’t have to “disc dance” and your burner will last longer-


I can’t mate, i have a one drive bay shuttle :slight_smile:

The nvidia drivers are defo gone yes :slight_smile:



Maybe an external reader??


i have seriously limted space (also would look kack on my glass desk)

I think there is no choice but another drive :frowning:

What are the specs for the pioneer 109 and when is it due?