Improving quality with VHS to recd'r to burner


I just got a LG 4163b and my main use is burning disc's from DVD-Ram off the Panasonic recorder. Basically I like to record SAT onto the DVD-Ram then burn a disc from it on the pc. With Ram I've got options like adding chapters where I want and other extras. 

I also have lots of vcr tapes that I want to convert over. Of course the tapes are average in playback quality so I'd like to finda way of "enhancing" the video and audio a bit if possible. Is there some low cost/free that can fix minor imperfections in video and audio?

Kenny J.

Do some research at , and you will find your answers there.

very difficult to make poor video better apart from enhancing colour/contrast using filters.I use tmpg express it has a few good filters but still very hit or miss.