Improving picture from video off the web

I download ~1 hour TV shows to watch on my 32” SDTV through my Laptop. Most files I get are compressed to about 350 - 370 MB. Mostly DIVX and XVID codecs. My issue comes in with playback. I get artefacts that are easily noticeable on my TV (but not when viewing on Laptop). I’m wondering if there is a way to remove the pixilation of the compressed video before viewing? Would a HD capture mimimize pixilation? Or is it the degree of the compression causing the issue alone?

Thanks for any help!

It’s imposible to increase the quality of a video file; the data simply isn’t there anymore. It’s only because of the smaller screen size of your laptop that the artefacting is not as noticeable.



You might try Media Player Classic Home Cinema to play them back. You can do some de-blocking in the ffdshow filters that program uses. It’s free and probably worth a shot.