Improving 811s compatibility


At a well known exhibition in the Netherlands I bought mine 811s. The thing is that I can’t seem to burn my videoclips on a DVD that can be read by mine standalone JVC DVD player (I looked at for supported media types but mine player was not listed). I used Sonic MyDVD (came with the package), the latest firmware (HS0E) and tried Philips DVD+RW 1-4x.

How can I improve the compatibility of the burned DVD’s?
I am thinking about:

  • burning at lower speeds (How do you do that? MyDVD has only the option ‘automatic speed selection’)
  • use other authoring program (Nero, or?)
  • use other media (I also tried mmore DVD-R but those discs were’t recognized at all by the drive like the drive was empty, the media types thread on this forum don’t really provide many alternatives)
    Or are there other options?

Thanks for your help!

I assume you have converted your video to MPEG (never used MyDVD so I don’t know if it does that by itself by I guess it does), so you didn’t feed your DVD-player AVI files.
So the DVD recognizes the + discs but won’t play them. You get some error message onscreen?
You should try Nero, after you’ve done so you’ll never want to use something else :slight_smile:

The written DVD plays perfectly on the computer with the software DVD player PowerDVD. So I assume that the information on the disk should be readible by standalone players as well. To me it appears as an compatibility problem hence my post on this forum and not the mpeg etc.


I run KProbe 1.1.26 to check the philips DVD quality. This look ok right? Should this DVD work on other players?

Looks good.!

Give standalone a ride :wink:

BTW, as per OC-Freak, scaning should be done with 1-4X speed and 8ECC.

Here he recomends “1X”
“The standards states: A good disc should have less than 280 PI errors when ECC sum is set to 8 and reading speed is set to 1X. Since we are scanning at 4X we make scans that can’t be directly compared to the standards, but to my experience the 280 PI max is still a good guidline for good discs.”

I guess this good news eliminates some potential problem sources but still it doesn’t work :confused:

Do DVD+RW disc have problems like CDRW discs used to…not being reflective enough for some standalone players to read?