Improvements of the Liteon 166S

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Unique Features of LTD166S

  1. User protection against fragment of crashing disc :
  • New top cover with folding edge
  1. Acoustic noise improvement
  • No damper screw hole on tray
  • Stream-line design of chassis loader to reduce noise induced by air flow in the drive
  • New bezel and top cover design
  1. IDE cable Short prevention
  • Isolate IDE connector and bottom cover to prevent IDE cable short caused by direct contact with bottom cover
  1. Disc scratch free design
  • New tray design with contacting slope to prevent disc scratched by tray in OD area.

Essentially, it protects you from exploding discs (didn’t Lite-On say they weren’t really concerned about this?) and its quieter.

Improvement of LTD166S

  1. Tray in out noise improvement
  • Improve precision of center distance and grade of gears.
  • Optional dual driving type ( gears train /belt).
  1. Better dust proof
  • No slots around screw hole on bottom cover.
  • Labyrinth dust-path design on chassis.
  • Flatness spec. improvement of bezel and door.
  1. Better ESD/EMC margin.
  • Protection wall on tray motor.
  • Front screw holes are closer to bezel.
  1. Better non-op shock and drop capability

LTD-166S : Traverse design

  1. Symmetric suspension points ( good for vibration).
  2. Light weight ( good for vibration)
  3. Strong structure against drop or shock

Magnificent! :slight_smile: