Improvement Wishlist



I thought I’d start a thread with ideas for improvements. This should take a back seat to stability/compatibility issues and bug fixes…

[li]English wording throughout the user interface is awkward
[/li][li]Updating an older version requires you to close the program yourself, retry, then it complains that you must uninstall the software and try again. It should offer to uninstall it for you, and resume the setup process upon reboot (like most other programs)
[/li][li]Uninstalling MaxVeloSSD, I wondered if I made a mistake when I forgot to remove the cache first. Later I realized it was doing it for me; it took a long time to uninstall, asked me to reboot, and when I thought it was gone I realized it was STILL installed, but cache was removed. The user interface did not explain any of this to me.
[/li][li]It would be nice if the license was remembered when updating. In addition to handling the removal of old version for you, it should also save your registration info.
[/li][li]There should be an explanation of each of the caching options such as “Standard (Quick)” etc. Either a mouse-over general description or a “?” that launches the manual PDF, opening to the correlating page. I have no idea what the technical or general differences are between those options.
[/li][li]It should offer to remove the SSD’s drive letter for you. If you use your entire SSD for caching, Windows shows you a red bar under File Explorer and warnings appear that your disk is full. The only way to fix this is to remove the drive letter.
[/li][li]Speaking of drive letters, the software currently cannot detect SSDs with no letter assigned.
[/li][li]If an SSD was full because the cache from your previous install is still consuming space on the SSD, the software simply states that the drive doesn’t have enough free space. It should offer to reformat the SSD (with several warnings of course). Otherwise you have to know how to go into Manage computer, then Disk Management, etc.
[/li][li]If it helps make the software more mature, you should offer an opt-in feature to detect the PC specs (anonymous or not, I don’t care personally). This could detect motherboard model, hard drive controller, driver versions, HDD, SSD, maybe even other software that’s installed. EliteBytes could look for trends to help determine why failures occur. Along with this, EliteBytes should have a way of collecting error reports.
[/li][li]After installing MaxVeloSSD, the utility shortcut appears in the Windows Startup folder, but it never starts up automatically and runs in the system tray.

Can anyone think of anything else?


I would add :

  • I would like a “FLUSH CACHE” button. I could use this button after installing a big software to make sure everything is flushed to disk before rebooting. I would feel more secure with this. :bow:

  • A bug management system on elitebytes website to see current state of reported bugs. … and maybe faster bugfixing :bigsmile: