Improve My Bitcomet Speed...?



Hey, sorry if there are other threads like this, but i thought that solutions may differ depending on the software and hardware installed, so i created a new thread.

anyways,im experiencing really slow speeds when downloading torrents. i use bitcomet to download torrents and i get an average speed of about 12kbps and a max speed of 40kbps, and i only ever get 40 once in a blue moon.

im pretty sick and tired of these speeds because im sure i can get faster but something is holding me back.

i have a tiscalli 1mb broadband connection, which i connect to using my speedtouch 580 router and an ethernet cable.

i have windows xp profession (no sp’s) installed with the firewall enabled and zonealarm.

does anyone know why i am getting such slow speeds? is it hardware or software issues, or have i just got the wrong settings and options enabled?

and does anyone know how i can get faster download speeds? what do i have to do to get 100kbps? thats my average speed from websites, so surely i should be able to get that from bitcommet.

i hope you all can help me out, i would be extremely greatful.

thank you very much
yours sincerely



You could try this.
or switch to uTorrent.
WARNING IT does have ad-ware hope you have anti-spyware. It isn’t a horrible threat. It is low risk. Like Ares.


Can u reply wether this llink this kind person gave u worked??



I’m pretty sure Tiscali are known for throttling speeds in some way…a search of the P2P forum for Tiscali should bring a few things up.


You know people can regulate their up speeds. Are there a lot of seeds and peers when you download? Maybe you need to Port Forward your router Look here


It concerns me when you say that firewall is enabled & zonealarm. This implies 2 firewalls which is not good anyway.

Using utorrent it’s quite easy to get by the throttling that’s often put in place by the ISP’s.


I would recommend that anyone not already doing so switch to Utorrent…its great. It is fast, has a small footprint, nice interface, and more importantly…It has TETRIS built in. Yippie


You can try all the before mentioned steps,
they might improve your speed by a few kbps
although it’s not guaranteed…

uTorrent is a great torrent download app.

Another way to up your speeds is by registering to
a private tracker witch can sometimes even max out
your connection, but there are rules to using private
trackers such as sharing ratios and uploads… :wink:


Private Torrents are great. I remember when I had my hacked internet (please dont message me for details im not going to help you) I use to seed all day. I had 1.3TB uploaded. It was so cool. Plus I only had i think like 19gb downloaded.


Just be wary of those accelerator programs. I’ve read reviews that say they basically do nothing to enhance download speeds and come with adware… :wink:


torrent tell you to take down your firewall but i wouldnt this open you up to baddddd things


in my experience you can only improve your download speeds by downloading from better trackers, with seeders who have faster upload speeds than those on public trackers.

Mininova V Torrentleech - No contest, TL wins because they have dedicated high speed uploaders.



You can try this guide [B]here[/B],

There are tools to open up more [I]Half Open TCP[/I] connections and they
might sometimes help, not always but there are certain risks to them.
You of course have to adjust your Torrent client to these new settings,
as many users in the forum might tell you uTorrent is a good choice for
Torrent clients…

I have a 10mb connection and with public trackers sometimes I might
hit around 620kbps or lower depending on the amount of seeds or leeches,
but if you sing up to a private tracker there is a higher chance of you maxing
out your broadband connection… I usually max out at 1.2mb… :wink: