Impressive CMCMAGE01 scan

Wow, everything I ever burned at 6x came out horribly regardless of media, so I tried this E01 just to see if it would even be readable burned at 8x and it came out very nicely. Strategy was swapped with CMCMAGR01, giving very nice results at 4x too. Spikes appear to pop up where the burning speed changes, shouldn’t affect readablilty any.

probably should’ve put this in tests, oops.

This is the right forum. What drive did you burn this with the 832?

I burned it with my 812s@832s. Unfortunately, the last two discs of the same kind I burned at 8x came out with “rings” on the bottom of the disc and pretty bad scans because of the mountains of errors correlating to the rings. Guess this was a fluke. I wish this drive more consistent!

Some of my vary first discs were CMCs. People talk crap about them all the time but, I’ve had pretty good experences. (note burned at 4x)