Impress: New ODD Drives This Week (Updated)

All prices listed are the lowest found at Akiba Hotline and usually incude 5% Japanese domestic VAT.

BenQ DW1620 for 11,480 Yen

IO DATA DVR-ABN16W for 14,780 Yen

IO DATA DVR-iUN16W for 18,480 Yen

NEC ND-3500A for 11,800 Yen

Buffalo DVM-RD16U2 for 17,800 Yen

Logitec LDR-CA160U2 for 21,800 Yen

Toshiba-Samsung SD-M1912 for 3,380 Yen

Hey, the 1912 looks more like a Samsung drive than a Toshiba drive.
Also on their site, they say something about the SD-R5002, but it seems that information is over a year old?
What does it say?

Like many other TSST ODD drives, the design inside is mostly Toshiba and the design outside is mostly Samsung.

Both TS-H552B and TS-H542A look exactly like Samsung drives. They don’t look like Toshiba drives at all. However, the internal mechanism is almost that of Toshiba though it’ll change over time because Samsung will try hard to use more of their own components in TSST products.

I also have SD-R5002 and I don’t think there’s much to say about the 2x-only writer. It’s a good drive to burn Taiyo Yuden 2x DVD-R media though.