Impossibly huge files on CD

I noticed that with 2 Novalogic games - Commance 4 and Delta Force: Black Hawk Down , that on the CD it claims that a certain file is like 3GB, so if you wanted to copy this file using windows copy and paste function, it would fool Windows into thinking it is that large, but when you check to see how large the CD and its contents are altogether it says like just about 700Mb or so.

For instance on the Black Hawk Down game by Novalogic there is file called “resource.pff” and says that the file is 3.2GB in size. But after installing the game , if you check the install directory it is only 327Mb. Does anyone know or has experienced the same thing? If so please let me know on this forum thread.

Also is there a way to edit CD images so that you can add extra files to the compilation, say to add a text document to .iso or .nrg file so that you can have it there…


Put simply, these are a copy protection of sorts to defeat casual copying. You need a RAW reader in this case. As for your last question - no.

I think new winimage ( can inject files into a .iso but since most games today are protected and most software that handles protection have native file extensions not of .nrg or .iso it would be useless. I really wish someone would make it possible to add files to clonecd (.ccd) because I would love to add updates and game patches to games. I am sure this is especially true for people on dial up and when downloading so much as a few megs to update the game with the latest patch, its quite annoying.

To answer your other question there is a copy protection software that I was introduced to here on the forums , you can look into it here: and one thing it comes with is a program that opens .iso images and lets you manipulate them. One nifty feature is the ability to change the filesize, I dunno if this will damage the file and render it unusable to play your game but since its just a change to the misreported filesize I think it may do no harm, and you can easily burn a copy of this game with any non-RAW burning software application afterwards. Obviously work with a backed up version of the .iso in case changing the filesize does distort it somehow. You will have nothing to lose.