Impossible to make good working psx backup with a 40125S


I try to make psx backup with my 40125S (ZS0P firmware), using CloneCD 4.2 and LibCrypt Profile with read and write at 4x, but the backup is not perfect :a (video jumps, stop loading…) and sometime the cd refuse to boot…

I try with Verbatim (Super Azo datalife plus) media and black memorex.

My liteon is master on my secondary IDE, with creative DVD on slave. On the first IDE, I have 2 HDDs.

An update to 48124W could correct the probleme ?
Which media are you using for your PSX backups ?

Please, help me (nearly 25 cd lost !!!) :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Of couse, i have a modship on my SCPH1001

PS : sorry for the english…

Are you sure its not a laser problem because the lasers on the psx can be very picky. does it work with other games.
burn at the lowest speed possible for psx although 4x is ok
I have burned many psx with the same writer at 8x no problems
try also turning your psx upsidedown (this is not ideal but it lets the laser nearer the disc)

I don’t thinck about a laser problem, cause I have other backup which work wery well. I even try to backup the backup, and i have the same problem :a
I try also at lower speed => same result.

what media are you using ?

Media dont really matter for me i have used bulkpaq, verbatim,maxwell,emtec,tdk and various other cheap brands dont know if this works for everybody but it does for me anyway…

It’s really interresting. So, the problem may come from other hardware ?
Yesterday I try to backup a psx game with my old burner, and I have the same result (but it worked in the past) :confused:

I have p3 600EB on a ASUS CUBX (old 440BX) 256 Mo SDRAM and Geforce2 TI.

I will check on other forums !

Thancks for your help !

better media does in some cases make a difference but i have found it not to be a problem for me …not saying it wont make a difference for you as all lasers are not the same and some are picky more than others…

Media does matter with psx

try TY or philips, Sony, every quality media will do.

I used the cheapest cdr’s for some backups and all works fine on a PS/2 !
(i heard that Black coating is the best by the way for a ps/2)
So it’s your burner or it’s the azimuth stuff of your laser ==> probably the laser i think.

Hi, i doesn’t try for the moment, but can you tell me which program you use to backup game (and version). If you use cloneCD, could you cut/paste the profile used ?
Which firmware do you have ?

I used the cheapest cdr’s for some backups and all works fine on a PS/2 !

We are not talking here of ps2 backups, a ps2 has a far better
laser than an psx scph1001, that’s one of the first models.

you can try to put your PSX console in a 45 degree angle
you’ll see that it reads much better, I myself have a 1002 model
same problems, also the quality of media is important