Impossible extract firmware dvr 111d Mtk av under back please

I would like to know if it is possible extracter the firmware of the dvd pioneer 111d coins backs, thank you. his/her/its doesn’t walk with the Mtkflash orders 2 r /m 111d, the programmme remains blocked

je voudrais savoir si c’est possible extracter le firmware du dvd pioneer 111d sous dos,merci. sa ne marche pas avec les commandes Mtkflash 2 r /m 111d, le programmme reste bloqué

The is no known way to read out the firmware. It has no MTK chipset, so mtkflash can not work.
Why do you have to extract the firmware ?

to modify the firmware for the engraving dvdrw 4x/8x verbatin if it is possible as for the liteon. thank you

This makes no sense.
Any Verbatim will work perfectly with this burner.