Importing ID3 tags from a list?



I’m surprised I can’t find much on this subject. I’m looking for a program or other method that will let me export and import mp3 tag information to/from a formatted (csv) list.

I’ve accumulated a large collection of mp3 files. The file names are in various formats that seemed appropriate at the times. I want to rename all of the files according to their ID3 tag info but first I need to get the ID3 tags in order. Some have v1 tag, some have v2, some have both, some have neither. Some are complete, some are not. Getting the correct and complete tag information into the files will also let my portable mp3 player display the Titles, Artists, etc. properly.

I can find several programs that allow me to export what ID3 info there is into a csv file which I can then edit in Excel and write a new csv with the correct information. The problem is finding something that will then import the new tag information. Once I get that far, any number of programs will let me rename the files according to their tags.

Everything I’ve found so far does not support importing or only supports importing of freeDB files, not flat csv files.

I know about editing tags individually through Properties ~ Summary ~ Advanced or through other software, but that’s tedious.

Thanks for any suggestions you know of.


The Godfather has an Import CSV option in the ‘Organize’ tab.