Importing from W2K to WXP using InCD

Ok, so I decided to make the switch to XP, and therefore wanted to back up my 10 gigs of music, 4 of pics, 1.5 of {everything else you collect, INCLUDING OUTLOOK}… For some reason I burned the music and {everything else} onto 3 DVDs using InCD. Drag and drop right? Spent HOURS watching it burn hella slow over usb 1.1. The pics I burned onto DVD using Nero BackItUp…

So, I got the pics back. The other 3 DVDs say when trying to import files with 9+ characters “Invalid DOS function, Program must close.” So I know it’s a Joliet 8.3 issue. My questions to you are:

  1. Any ideas on how to import the files, bypassing the 8 character rule?
  2. Why, in the name of the Almighty, wouldn’t InCD at least warn you about this kind of thing?
  3. Why is this an issue? I transferred the data as follows: NTFS~>DVD(FS?)~>NTFS.
    I’m sure everyone else knows why, and how, and what an imbecile I am, but a kind and gentle response would be nice. I’m still rather sore and emotionally fragile… :sad: