Importing Data to Nero

Does anyone out there know what the format is for the “Import Data …” button available in Nero Cover Designer ( Data -> Document Data -> Disk 1 -> Import Data …[button]). It responds with a file mask of (*.cdc) but I am as yet unable to determine what the contents of the file should be.

Any assistance would be appreciated…

:confused: twy2k

*.cdc = Chromeleon

O.K., Nephilim, so what is chromeleon?

Something unrelated.
.CDC files are obviously in Ahead Software’s proprietary data format that you would have to be a Nero developer to know.

I set out to solve this problem yesterday in Nero Essentials 7, because I wanted to create a 3-CD set in Cover Designer out of three CDs with separate NRA files, but I didn’t see a way to get the second and third CDs’ track info into Cover Designer without retyping it.

The key was that when I went from an NRA to Cover Designer directly, a .CDC file was dropped in (in my case, on W2k; some registry setting may affect this, and certainly the login account will)

c:\Documents and Settings\owner\Local Settings\Temp

with, in my case, for the second and third CD’s I wanted to use, names of Nero7718.cdc and Nero73E5.cdc (presumably Process ID’s ).

Clearly this was how Cover Designer was getting the information it was using for the first CD in the set.

Something will clean these up from time to time, probably the Nero launcher exiting, so I copied them to a different temp directory and gave them more useful names like cd2.cdc and cd3.cdc before closing down the cd2.aup and cd3.aup projects. Then I started Cover Designer from the first CD’s .AUP file and imported the second and third CDs’ track data by specifying the path to my saved files, e.g.

f: emp\cd2.cdc

If you don’t find the files where I did, start the ROM burner, go from there to Cover Designer, and with Cover Designer open, from the Start menu do a Search for Files or Folders named *.cdc (or the equivalent in whatever way you find files on your OS version).

The .CDC files Nero uses are simple text files and would be easy to modify, or create independently from a track list from some other source, if you don’t want to enter the tracks individually into
Cover Designer. The format of the header and first track in one of my CDs looks like


Title=Cooper Book Singing, Greenfield MA (CD3)

Artist=Greenfield MA Cooper Book Singing
Title=Little Songs and Little Ways 208

and so on.

--John M.