Importing a DV cassette to DVD without recoding?

Hello all,

Total beginner here.

I need to get my videos (usually 90 football match recordings) from my camcorder to a DVD as fast as possible using only my laptop.
Is there a fast way to do this?

Currently I import the video, as an AVI file, to my laptop (that takes the whole 90 mins) using movie maker, then it spends 90 more minutes encoding before i can burn it to a DVD.

I’m sure there is a faster way to do this because my DVD writer can write straight from the camera to the DVD (but I can’t take this on the road with me :frowning: )

My guess is there is software out there that will do the same job as my DVD writer.

I’d be greateful of any help on this.


You can put the dv-avi file directly to you dvd, using something like imgburn, but not very many dvd players will allow you to play your dvd. Most dvd players require that a dvd be in dvd-video format or MPEG2. Some players also play MPEG4 or DIVX, which is a more highly compressed video.

If you want the greatest ability for playback, you should just spend the time and encode to mpeg2 and burn to dvd (as you have been doing).

You could (depending on your system and software), convert the video on the fly (convert it to mpeg2 as you capture it), but it won’t be much faster. Encoding is encoding, and it takes about as much time, no matter which end you do it on, plus encoding on the fly puts you at more risk for encoding errors, sync errors, etc…

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me feedback.
I was hoping the file was already in a readable DVD format on the DV and that could do straight to a DVD but I guess it will still need encoding.

thanks again,

sony vegas will do this for you as well. you hookm your cam up using a firewire port dv cable to your laptop as your save it to your laptop it will create a file ready to burn once completed.

i use this at frisbey turneys all the time and video is ready in like twenty minutes