Imported CD Player - Panasonic SL-SV550



Ok, hopefully this is in the right forum, so here goes…

For Christmas, my Grandma sent me a MP3/CD Player (PANASONIC SL-SV550). I live in Australia, and she sent it from England. So far, I have been using it just plugged in my room.
But, the bad thing was, it didn’t come with batteries :(. I have two questions…:

  1. In the manual, for the ‘Special rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries’ it says:
    Europe: P-3GAVE/2B
    Other areas: P-3GAVT/2B

    Since I live in ‘Other areas’ (AUS), but the player was bought in Europe (ENGLAND), do I use the ‘P-3GAVE/2B’?

  2. I can’t seem to get hold of rechargeable ones in AUS, so my Mum recommended looking on Ebay. I can’t even find any of them at the actual Panasonic site, and I think that those batteries are made for Panasonic products…
    Where can I find some on the net (pref. Ebay)

Thanks in advance :smiley: :bow:


Why not ask Panasonic ?

The P-3GAVE/2B looks like this :

The P-3GAVT/2B specs can be found here (PDF file).

It seems they’re just AA batteries. I think you can use about any rechargable 1.2V AA batteries in your player.