IMPORTANT, title removal and what to look out for in DVD95Copy

Be careful when removing Titles as firstly if you remove the Main Title this will cause the DVD95Copy to freeze completly and you will end up with it looking like this

secondly the Titles within DVDcopy actually refer to the amount of VTS_xx_1.VOB’s there are and not the actual Titles within the VIDEO_TS.IFO

so removing a VOB Set will remove all the video within that set and not the individual title

I suggest if you wanna just remove the likes of the warnings and a few trailers you refer to my Ifoedit guides until Digimedic sorts out this little hiccup (which I’m sure he will)

I mean’t to post this before but was shattered last night

be aware that it also deletes the VTS_xx_0.VOB’s data also

so you have been warned, so please no complaints