Important tip for Yamaha CRW2100x users

I just posted the article Important tip for Yamaha CRW2100x users.

A nice tip from the CDR-Info site.

User Alert: Yamaha makes CRW2100x users a Xmas gift!
Yamaha released yesterday the new firmware (1.0h) for CRW2100x series. The new firmware finally fixes…

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Plextor rulez!!!


any1 out here knows or this will work too with my A-open CRW9420?

Is there something like that for my Yamaha 8x4x24 ???

How and where do I get the new firmware for my Yamaha IDE 16/10/40??

bey a plextor 16 speed , much better , comes out in a few months

yamaha sux, but why did ccd ban them? plextor rules.

yeah … but who wants to buy a 16x writer if he has a 12x writer … (and 130 gb hdd)???

again a reaction from me,

Indeed plextor drive’s are very good. But it is not for nothing that this Yamaha is chosen as the best drive of 2000 at Comdex.
Yamaha innovates…
Ever heard of pure phase control ?? Yamaha does…
And now they add Raw DAO.
So if your looking for superb audio quality… take a look at the drive… it actually rocks…
And by the way (I own 5 Plextor drives, so don’t go talking again about Plextor… I know what the drive"s capable at…)

if you’re looking for superb audio quality ripping use a plextor ultraplex & eac. plextor rulez!!

(and merry x-mas)

Merry X-Mas with a bunch of Plextor presents under the Christmas tree!

Yamaha is ok! i got it a few weeks now and no coasters.Don’t put down the Yamaha it is a good drive and most importend too: its wil lives longer than a plextor!
Thank too Yamaha for the new firmware! MERRY XMASS all.

Syé¶ krakovan makkaraa! Sick dude!

I Own a Plextor and 1210A and i couldn’t Copy V-Rally 2 Expert Edition (Euh) (I think i do something wrong (i use cdrwin 3.8d) (or do i need something like clonecd ?)

PS: This is my first post here (héhé)

Yamaha is the audio champion as it makes most of the high end audio and instruments. There CDR has always been the most innovative unlike the over glorified Sanyo/Plextor junk. In Japan Sanyo is considered a two-bit junk company.

Nuolkaa tikkunekkuja!

Get the firmware upgrade here

I have the drive and love it. Of course all you people with 12x drives won’t upgrade, that would be just plain stupid, don’t knock the drive just because it is 4x faster than yours. I upgraded from an old Memorex 2x, and this thing rocks. Yahaha’s laser/pick ups are among the best in the world/ Plex doen not make their own. Yahama makes very high QUALITY CDR drives, but the older versions do not have as many features as the plex. This hurt them, and they know that. The quality is still better, now hopefully they will keep improving the features.

About the Pure Phase Laser System

Yamaha’s Pure Phase Laser System eliminates unwanted reflections and glare produced when recording a CD, and stabilizes the laser power, resulting in more accurate recording and reduction of jitter (deviation from correct signals) by 25%, ensuring high recording reliability even at high speeds. Both your audio and data recordings will be of a higher quality, and there is less risk of non-compatibility in CD ROM playback."

Due to this thread i bought Yamaha 2100S
(Scsi) it is working fine with nero 5.035 and cdrwin 3.8d…at x16 speed.
It is also burning with clonecd at x8 speed without problem… (about the reading with cloncd I am using my toshiba old dvd).

Happy new year you all

Welcome to the Yamaha club. I own four of them and will never consider anthing else. Have fun burning, now only if Yamaha were to make a CDROM capable of OTF 16x it would be great.