Important tape to cd-da, video tape to video tape, vcr questions

hi, Im new, and I go by t-wrex…

Is it possible to record from a audio casset tape to a cd-da cd? Who sells cd-da’s if anyone? how much? Im trying to get beats from a ps2 game on to cassete through stereo, copy the cassete to an xbox readable CD, and aparantly the xbox only reads cd-da’s if Im not mistaken. is there another way to do it?

I’ve heard about vcr’s that have three decks so you can take video from one tape, video from another and record it on to the third tape. Are they rare? Would it work if I just stacked three vcr’s on top of eachother?

I swear will anyone answer my damn question? this is urgent $hit!!!

do any of you fuckers know anything??? :frowning: :a

Wow after what you have just posted something tells me not one person is going to help you now… I think it would be best for you just to move to some other forum. Take care.

google for cd-da