Important result on securom4 and alcohol

Hi guys.
For those of u interested in this I post my result copying a securom 4 protected game not copiable with any other program.
I have plexwriter 1210A and pioneer DVD 106
I was able to use DPM feature only on pioneer and only at 24x speed. Plextor wasn’t able to use PDM at any speed.
Well since pioneer dvd 106 can’t read RAW + SUB 96 i had an image with high precision but no subchannel and obviously useless. Here comes the thing that i hope comes handy to u all. I kept the mds file made with pioneer (no subchannel but DPM) and backed up safely. Then I made another mds + mdf file using plextor (subchannel but no DPM). From this image i kept only mdf file. Then i used mds from pioneer with mdf from plextor and the game now works perfectly: just 1 minute to wait before game starts. :slight_smile:

what game was it?

Cultures 2 italian version. (same protection of ukraine version if i am not wrong). Anyway securom4. Indeed without original cd or this alcohol image setup wouldn’t even start :slight_smile: