Important Re Nero Latest Version

Tried this three times, with the newest version of nero 5.5.10 it actually burns correctly to a dvd+r, which is great.It also burns fine to dvd-r, but the problem is any standalone will not play the -r disks, always saying disk error.Uninstalled and reinstalled 5 5 917 and they play fine.So just a warning, do not use the latest Nero as there is a fault with the writing strategy somewhere.
Downside is that 5 5 917 doesnt finalize a dvd+r, so you have to use somehing else to burn to those.

I have been using for sometime previous to that I was using which I found did not finalise +r disks so I upgraded to which I had no problem with, you say you could not finalise with, could there be some other issue you have? I have now upgraded to 5.5.10 but have not tried -r yet have had no trouble as yet with +rw or -rw.
will try over the next few days.

cheers de John

Thanks for the info.The +r issue was with an update to 55917 from 55914 so maybe that was an issue.I didnt have the balls to try another disk as they are quite expensive.As for 5.5.10 the issue is not whether they butn but whether they play in standalones,they all burn without an issue, but even the Sony +rw disk will not play in my standalone, which will play and read almost anything, im sure it would read the bible if i could get it in the tray!!!
So try them in your standalone, I have two a Pioneer 404 and a Dansai 8852.

Hi again
sorry but you said
“Downside is that 5 5 917 doesnt finalize a dvd+r, so you have to use somehing else to burn to those.”

I can confirm it does …here
are you usng DVD-ROM (ISO) or DVD-Video for your compilations?

cheers de john

Im using DVD Video but selecting iso mode 1 in the options.I believe it is the same strategy as UDF.Feel free to correct me if im incorrect.