Important Napster News!

I just posted the article Important Napster News !.

Ok some intresting things are going on in de Napster vs. music industry case.
The first press release:

Entertainment giant Bertelsmann AG and controversial song-swap company Napster Inc. said on…

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Okay, so $5 a month, I can cope with that. But someone tell me how they split that between the 1,000,000 different artists music I download in that month? Do they all get 0.0000001%. This is only ever going to work if you get billed per file and only if we’re guaranteed to recieve legitimate files. Which means some sort of file fingerprinting system needs to be put in place. Then you get the questions about paying more for higher quality mp3s…would a 256 bitrate cost double that of a 128 bitrate.

It’ll never work!

Who needs Napster anyway?

what about if we still use the “without payment feature” actual one?Could them still stop us?..mmmhhh…

I don`t wanna pay for Napster, I hope someone will find solution!

Ok, that’s Official Napster is dead.

The true meaning of its existence went away when Flemming (CEO of Napster Inc.) start dealing with BigCorps.

I tried many alternative to it (Scour, iMesh etc…). The only cool one is DirectDownload,

Have Fun !¡

Hey there people i have a few things to say:

  1. FTP
  2. Other programs like napster
  3. Local Libarays in Britian hire out CD’s so MP3 them its cheaper for dialup users!!!
    See ya

I´m kinda disappointed with Fleming & the napster people for this major sellout…

As the old say goes:
Its better to burn out, than to fade away…

Well said Jens. could some1 give me an IP 4 gnutella I can neva seem 2 get it 2 work… thx

Am I wrong or couldn’t we still log onto other servers that a lot of people have set up that aren’t napsters own servers???
Like a mp3 group could set up it’s own napster server that we could all log onto. Am I wrong here??

I think they’d all still work, especially if you kept using the current versions of the software alongside napigator

Well if I can make all my cd’s burned from MP3 legal by paying those $5 a month I will absolutely do that! Really!!

this truly sux

why should anyone have to pay to access someone elses files? why do they think anyone will use this! alternative services obviously exist.

ok the napster people are saving their skins by doing this… can u blame them. they have started a cool thing but im sure they want everyone to:


Napster’s gonna bleed empty. BMG has given it the final stab in the back. Now we will have to wait until it’s going to die on us. So download those MP3s, while we still can.

If this new pay system was guaranteed to work, then I would shell out the $5. But it never will. This is person to person file sharing, so how are they gonna guarantee a successful download? I would never pay knowing that my downloads may not finish. Also, what about quality? I have no problem with the quality of 128 kbps mp3’s, but if I’m paying, I’d like better. Plus, there will ALWAYS be another way to get something for free, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Time for education on FREENET
and back to mIRC. Dont forget good old FTP. These people think they have it all figured out. Too Funny.

This makes me feel like some-one is colleborating with the enemy…while Napster should be an anti programm against the RIAA/BUMA/BAF.

The again the question is: Who will replace Napster? They can’t stop copying anyway!


Some sort of payment should be put in place! 80% of the time a full CD is not worth listening to anyway and $15-25Can is too much to pay for 1-2 songs!

$5/mnth is reasonable. However quality & gauranteed dwnld is the issue. Also not every song you want is there!

Many occations I’ve dwnld’ed 4 versions of the same song before I got one that was okay to use(ie) skips, too short, muffled, real loud, etc!

There has to be some kind gaurantee when paying for something!

Maybe the big record companies could encode the songs?

So paying 4 napster mmmm not so good but we can live without
How mmm check this page it’s a dutch page 4 mp3z but everyone knows what top100 means so…
Get all your favourite downloads at and by the way the downloads don’t have something like transfer error! mmm idea