Important- false advertising DVDRA08's



I just paid $116 to have a DVR-A08 delivered to my house. The company sent me a 109 instead. The told me that they have the right to substitue what they want. I am pissed. Im not sure if I could give the name of the company(I dont want anyone else getting ripped off)without getting into trouble, so I wont. But I could say the company is saying they have all the DVRA08’s anybody wants and they are located in Ohio. If a moderator gives me an ok to name the company I will. I just wanted to warn everybody.


Why the heck would anyone do that? If ordered and payed for a A08 what makes them think they have the right to take your money and send you whatever you want? That is ludicrous. If you wanted a 109 you would have ordered a 109 right? That is BS. Please do share the name of that company so no one else injured by this.


I’d be HAPPY if I ordered a 108 and got a 109. 109 is newer and should be more expensive, and it burns faster than the 108; seems to me mark44 got a good deal to me.


Thanks for your comment. First of all I ordered RETAIL(DVDRA08) not OEM like they sent me. Before I ordered I looked at both, checking forums…ect. It looked to me like the DVRA09/109 has some firmware and media issues while the A08 didn’t. Could you possibly tell me what media is good for the 109. I already ordered Ritek dvd-r 8x thinking I’d have my A08. I have no idea if this media is acceptable with the 109.


The 108 at this moment is much more mature and does burn better and faster. I would know as I just sold my 108 to get a 109 and at this moment regret it. The 109 may be better down the road but we will see. A retail A08 is more than an OEM 109.


You ordered retail A08XL eh? In that case I think I’d ask for a refund; OEM 109 is not a fair substitute. Frankly they should have asked you what you wanted to do if they were out of A08 drives. As for RitekG05, I avoid Ritek media so I couldn’t tell you how well it will work. I pretty much only use MCC, TY and Maxell media.


Ritek G05 -R 8x work fine with my 109


always read the small print


That sounds not good. However, they should think twice before making such an comment… And no one can deny you the posting of their name - they made the mistake, not you.

They probably also ripped you off for the price - even the 109 should be cheaper than a 108XL drive.


I think the FTC and “bait and switch” laws would disagree.
I’d love to hear the name of the company in question (in fact, go post about it on too). You will never “get in trouble” for fair reviewing of a company.