Important computer systems / networks outages, worst you've seen?

Today on our college the entire network was down from 11 am till 5 pm and nobody was able to do anything anymore. They ended up in giving us all free coffees but I should have gone home. I didn’t because they said it could be fixed any minute.

So I wonder, did anyone else here experience an outage of an important computer system? Like a bank, airport or?

Specifying the country and/or university/college would probably help garner answers to your question.

Nothing I’ve heard of in central Texas.

It doesn’t really matter where you are, I guess this happens everywhere on the world.

It does if a local or regional node got hit as opposed to something in another country. Or if there was a power outage, etc etc.

We had a ~3 hour network outage last week on Wednesday in multiple locations (DHCP server not working) and another outage on Monday morning at least in our location because DHCP didn’t send the default gateway.

Fortunately I have admin rights on my PC and managed to configure my network manually, but >99% of the affected users probably could not work at all.

Years ago the company i worked for was affected by the nimda virus. Everybody was told to go home (more than 1500 people).

Somehow i still find it very very strange that major companies which are inredibly dependent on electrical technology hardly take any precautions to withstand its problems and limitations.

Do you really need all your people to surf the internet? Do you really need your entire network exposed to the internet? Do you really don’t need UPS/generators?

A few years ago,our company’s network was offline 2 days…because all computers were stolen during a burglary…

And again most people in my location cannot work as the DHCP server does not provide the default gateway.

That should affect a couple hundred people. Third time within one week that we’re having issues with DHCP. Before that it was rock solid and stable for years.

End of the day when somethings on 24/7 365 days a year your bound to have downtime

Amatures… Years ago my bank datacenter had a lightning strike follow wires down 7floors and took out two mainframe systems. Federal regs said we couldn’t be down and not process for more than 72hrs. We were down for 68hrs. I had lots of overtime. They flew in IBM repair people from all over…

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[QUOTE=olyteddy;2655616]FaceBook SCRABBLE. Every day at Prime Time. NOTHING is worse than that (or so says the missus)…:frowning:

Oly wins…

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I agree. No server outage can top that. :slight_smile: