Import addresses to my outlook express

Hey guys,

The other day I entered in my page of hotmail and I saw a large list of contacts with emails in the “contacts tab”; my question is about, How could I import that email accounts to my address book at outlook express?

Thanks I hope someone say something hehe :wink:

I THINK that if you set up Outlook you can get it to download you contact list from Hotmail into Outlook. I think it is done as soon as you click on Syncronize in Outlook.

I keep meaning to look into this so that I have a backup of my addresses but keep forgetting.

Hello I have a quick and dirty solution. Go to hotmail, highlight your contacts sheet and copy them to an excel sheet. Then come back put the cells in order. After that all you have to do is open up Outlook Express, use import address book function, select your excel sheet as other address book paying attention to the places of the columns and rows and then import. Your hotmail contact list becomes a part of your address book in Outlook Express. You can use the same technic in Yahoo accounts. I hope this helps.

Thanks very much, it works well that method :wink: