Implemet a USB media as CD-RW type

I I have been trying to emulate a USB drive to appear like a CD-ROM drive. Thanks for the help of people here that almost all the features are done. Now I need to implement the media type as CD-RW or DVD-RAM. I tried to respond the “Get Configuration command” and see that the drive shows as DVD-RAM drive :

But When I inserted the SD card which is dumped as ISO9660 image. The icon becomes :

However, what I really need is :

the bottom of the icon shows CD-RW.

Does anyone know how to implement this feature?

Is this due to the physical structure of the media ? Or do I need to implement any other SCSI command ?


Sorry , I did not upload the JPGs successfully. This time I attached them.

The images from left to right
DVDram.jpg ,
are the images mentioned above from top to bottom.