Implementing PROTECT IP Internet censorship could cost $47 million

Implementing PROTECT IP Internet censorship could cost $47 million.

[newsimage][/newsimage]While critics and supporters debate the more technical aspects of the PROTECT IP bill, one topic has gone largely ignored: its price tag. As it turns out, sweeping changes to Internet security and how websites operate don't come cheap. The Congressional Budget Office released a cost estimate analysis last week that found $47 million would need to be allocated through 2016 to get the legislation off the ground.

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meh. let’s just implement it as yet another government unfunded mandate.

@ olyteddy . Unfunded mandates only work (in theory) when it’s the federal government passing it down to the states or lower.

I’ve got an idea the can just take it out of my bank account . Of course I don’t have the money to back it so the government could just bail me out like it did with the various financial institutions. The government wouldn’t mind doing that for an individual Would they ? After all it’s not their money it’s the tax payers. Hey by the time the taxes come in to pay that I will be long dead because it will be the great-great-great-great-grandchildren of people living now paying those taxes . That is if we get that caught up by then.